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Patients & Family Rights and Responsibilities

In ensuring our patients receive the best possible health care service at our hospital, we expect our patients will do their best to meet the following responsibilities during their stay at the hospital or during their visit at the clinic. The patient shall:

1. Ensure that he or she knows and understands what a patient's rights are and shall exercise those rights responsibly and reasonably.
2. Provide accurate and complete information which the health professional requires about his or her health and ability to pay for health services.
3. Inform the health professional if he or she is currently consulting with or under the care of another health professional or provider of traditional health care in connection with the same complaint or any other complaint.
4. Keep appointments and shall inform the health professional if unable to do so.
5. Understand his or her diagnosis, treatment and prognosis including after-discharge care. The patient shall insist upon explanations until adequately informed and consult with all relevant persons before reaching the decision.
6. Accept all the consequences of the patient's own informed decision.
7. Establish a stable relationship with and follow the treatment determined by the health professional primarily responsible for the patient's care.
8. Conduct himself or herself so as not to interface with the well being or rights of other patients or providers of health care.
9. Observing all the rules and regulations of the hospital. Accept and comply with all preventive measures sanctioned by law.
10. Safeguard any belonging that they have decided to keep in their possession after they have been admitted.
11. Accountable for the payment of the services provided by the hospital as applicable.
12. Show respect and to be courteous to doctors and hospital's staff.


Puteri Specialist Hospital (Johor) Sdn. Bhd. collaborates with Metro Parking Sdn Bhd to provide you convenient parking services. The outdoor and indoor parking are being charged on an hourly basis. The hospital shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to your property while in our premises. Patients and visitors are advised to take responsible security measures such as double locking the car, concealing and removing valuables.

Visiting Hours
In our continuing effort to provide quality care, Puteri Specialist Hospital (Johor) Sdn. Bhd. has adopted a flexible visitation policy. We welcome your families, friends, and loved ones to visit you during your stay in the hospital. However, for safety reasons, access to the hospital is limited so as to allow patient to rest. Kindly ask your visitors to observe and adhere to the following visiting hours and regulations:
4.00 pm – 9.00 pm 12.00 noon – 2.00 pm
Children under 12 years old are discouraged to visit patients. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. No visitors are allowed after 9.30pm. We encourage visitors to be mindful of patient's need for proper rest. Children 12 years and under are not permitted in both Intensive Care and Coronary Care units. Only two visitors per patient are allowed to visit at any one time. Security personnel and nursing staff members may restrict visiting hours at any time when it is deemed necessary to preserve the safety and well being of patients. This is necessary to guarantee that our patients get uninterrupted rest.

Overnight stay
As part of our infection control measures, we do not encourage family members to stay overnight with the patient unless patient is very ill. Immediate family members who wish to stay overnight may request for an easy chair to be placed in the patient's room and is chargeable upon request. Please inquire the staff nurse on duty should you need assistance.

Hotel accommodations
For your convenience, Puteri Specialist Hospital (Johor) Sdn. Bhd. provides a list of nearby hotel accomodations for your visiting family & friends.

Thistle Johor Bahru
Jalan Sungai Chat
80720, Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 222 9234
Fax: +607 222 0153

The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru
Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim
80730 Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 219 9999
Fax: +607 219 9998

Hotel Selesa Johor Bahru
Jalan Dato' Abdullah Tahir
Jalan Tebrau
80300 Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 332 3999
Fax: +607 332 1999

New York Hotel Johor Bahru
No.22, Jalan Dato' Abdullah Tahir
80300, Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 331 1588
Fax: +607 331 8588

M Suite Hotel Sdn Bhd
16, Jalan Skudai
Straits View
80200, Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 221 1000
Fax: +607 226 0380

Suria City Hotel Johor Bahru
10, Jalan Bukit Meldrum
Tanjung Puteri, 80300
Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 223 1791
Fax: +607 223 1792
Website: www.suriacityhotel/

Hotel Seri Malaysia Johor Bahru
Lot PTB 17648
Jalan Langkasuka
80350, Larkin, Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 221 1002
Fax: +607 221 1006

Grand BlueWave Hotel Johor Bahru
9R, Jalan Bukit Meldrum
90300, Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 221 6666
Fax: +607 222 9473

The Zon Regency Hotel
88, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan
Stulang Laut, P.O Box 161
80720, Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 221 9999
Fax: +607 221 0999

Mutiara Hotels Johor Bahru
Jalan Dato Sulaiman
Taman Century, KB No. 779
80990, Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 330 0300
Fax: +607 331 8884

Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru
18, Jalan Harimau
Taman Century
80250, Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 268 5222
Fax: +607 268 5333


Patient Safety Our safety and security measures:
- No Smoking policy
- 24 hours close-circuit TV monitors and round-the-clock security services
- Security door access system at all patient areas
- Fire resistant materials are used in the building under the strict supervision of Fire Department of Malaysia (Jabatan Bomba Malaysia)

We seek cooperation from all of our patients and visitors to observe this safety rules and regulations whilst on our hospital premises
Security for Your Belongings
During your stay with us, it is advisable not to bring or keep valuables. You are advised to send your valuables home with a family member. If that is not immediately possible, valuables may be temporarily kept in the hospital safe until your immediate family can take them home for you. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss of valuables such as cash, jewelry, mobile phone or damages to your personal items while in our premises

Support Group
Support group provides education and emotional support that could improve your quality of life. Emotional support and educational assistance may lessen your worries fighting for diseases/sickness or facing a difficult situation. Please do not hesitate to ask for help

Services Person in Charge Ext. Number
Dietitian Cik Siti Fariza Nooraini 291
Dietetic Counseling SRN Hazimah Hamzah 248 / 287
Home Nursing Pn. Faridah Ahmad Dawek 316
Stoma Counseling UM Wong Chan Lien 258 / 204

Information Desk
If we can be of any further service to you, or if you have any enquiries or suggestions for us to ensure our services, please do not hesitate to let us know. Whatever the occasion of your visit with us we hope that you have found a place of healing at Puteri Specialist Hospital (Johor) Sdn. Bhd. in which you are satisfied in terms of quality service and facilities. Kindly fill in our questionnaire that can be found in the information folder and drop them off in any of our suggestion boxes or hand it over to the customer service personnel or nurses on duty.

We appreciate your feedback in our quest for the provision of excellent services and facilities.
Email us:
Tel: +607 225 3222
Fax: +607 223 8833