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Dr Faizal Ali

Specialty: Plastic & Recons Surgery

Languages: Malay, English



Level 5,Suite 20.
KPJ PUTERI Specialist Hospital,
33 Jalan Tun Abdul Razak (Susur 5),
80350 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Staff Attached:

Name : murni.robo

About Dr Faizal Ali

Biographical Sketch:

Dr Faizal Ali received his undergraduate training from the University of Bristol in the UK and his postgraduate qualifications from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and a Masters in Plastic Surgery from Universiti Sains Malaysia. He has worked as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital SultanahAminah in Johor Bahru. In 2009 he joined University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur as their Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. At UKMMC he was heading the Burn Unit and managing patients with clefts, craniofacial deformities and head and neck reconstruction.

Education and Fellowship:

MBChB (UK), FRCS (UK),MSurg (Plast)(USM), AM (MAL)

Specialty Interests:

Cleft lip and palate. Burn injury. Craniofacial deformities. Facial trauma and reconstructive surgery. Breast reconstruction. Cosmetic Surgery : Eyelid (blepharoplasty), rhinoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty and facelift including thread lift

Research and Publications:

1.Tissue Engineering Study Model Using Silicon Chamber: A Comparative Study Between Bovine Collagen With and Without Autogenous Muscle. (Presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting College of Surgeons, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (23rd to 25th June 2006).) Winner of the Ethicon Prize 2006 for best research paper. 2.Combination of Vascularized Outer Table Bone Graft Based on the Superficial Temporal Vessel and Allomatrix for the Reconstruction of a Traumatic Orbito Frontal Blow-Out Fracture in a Child. Faizal ALI, Ahmad Sukari HALIM, SharidaZakaria NAJIHAH, Mohtar IBRAHIM, Jafri ABDULLAH Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery (2005) 33, 326-330. 3.Management of Extensive Surgical Wounds of the Extremity After Tumour Resections Using Two Simultaneous Composite Flaps. Two Case Reports. Faizal ALI, Ahmad SH, Zulmi W. JSurg Academia (2011). 4.Soft Tissue Cover for an Exposed Transplanted Kidney with a PedicledMyocutaneous Anterolateral Thigh Perforator and VastusLateralis Flap. Faizal ALI, E B Safawi, M Sundram, N S Kueh, Normala S. Urol Int. (2011). 5.A prospective randomised comparison of bipolar diathermy versus conventional dorsal slit technique for ritual circumcision: a Malaysian experience. Fariz MM, Tarmizi MN, Ainaini MH, Khairil AM, Faizal ALI, Sagap I. Clin Ter. 2011;162(6):543-5.



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